Season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

Season  7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

 Again spoilers! Please stop reading if you don’t want to know. Okay now if you’re this far, it's your own fault if you find out about the charred remains of the Lannister army, as they are destroyed by the dragons flaming breath. How great was this episode! Dragons, Dothraki, and Bronn actually had some lines! More on that later. So to give the full recap Jaime is still stewing over what Olenna Tyrell told him before she died, that it was her that poisoned Joffrey. Jaime won't talk to Bronn about it, but I suppose it weird to talk about your incestuous child sons death with anyone no matter who it is. Cersei pays off the iron bank with the Tyrell gold, the iron bank agrees to back the Lannisters. Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Arya finally returns home and after confronting the guards at the gate (one of whom Danny Kirrane is from Wasted, which has Ned Stark as some kind of spirit animal in it, really stretching the intertextuality here) meets up with Sansa. In the crypt next to Ned’s statue they have a heart warming moment when they both agree while their stories have been awful, their stories are far from over.

On Dragonstone John and Daenerys explore the caves, Jon shows her the dragonglass and the cave painting that the first men and the Children of the Forest made together it shows the White Walkers and the Night King, and both Jon and Daenerys agree that they have to work together,… if Jon bends the knee.  After Daenerys loses confidence in Tyrion's plan, she wants to use her dragons to take down Cersei and take Kings Landing, Jon says no as it will make her no different to the people if she destroys the seven kingdoms, and that she should try and build a better world. In this episode, we also see Arya training with Brienne, and beating her! I mean Brienne nearly killed the hound! Littlefinger and Sansa look on stunned. Littlefinger always looks like he will use the situation or person to his advantage, but will things come back to haunt him early he gave Brann the dagger that nearly killed him and started the wars way back in season 1, how important will the dagger be and who will Arya use it on?

So getting back to the start of the review, as the Lannister army continues to transport the grain and other captured booty to Kings Landing, the Dothraki show up as does Daenerys on a very angry dragon. Carnage ensues what we've all been waiting on, Bronn goes to man the scorpion crossbow which can kill a dragon, Bronn wounds it but the scorpion is destroyed, Jaime and Bronn try to fight of the Dothraki, but the dragon manages to turn most of the army to ashes in one of the most epic battle scenes in Game Of Thrones. Dickon Tarley ( and I thought the dad hated Sam, till I learned the Brothers name!) saves Jaime in battle, and as Jaime is about to try and kill the mother of Dragons the dragon flames Jaime’s horse as he is pushed from the flames by someone (I imagine Bronn) the episode ends with Jaime floating to the bottom of a lake. But is that the end for Jaime, the Lannister army, Bronn or maybe even the dragon we’ll find out next week.