Spoilers!!!!! Game Of Thrones S7 Episode 2 “Stormborn”

Game Of Thrones S7 Episode 2 “Stormborn”

So lets recap episode 2 season 7! Again this will contain spoilers. Daenerys plots with Varys and Tyrion and members of the Tyrell’s, Martell’s and Greyjoy’s about how best to take the seven kingdoms. Daenerys questions Varys loyalty, because of his involvement in her attempted murder by Robert Baratheon while she was still on Essos and Robert Baratheon was less dead than he is now. Varys reveals he is and always will be on the side of the people of the seven kingdoms. The red women Melisandre appears at Dragonstone advises Daenerys to talk to the new king in the north John Snow, a raven is sent to summon John Snow. John is skeptical about going, as it could be a trap. Meanwhile in the south the new Queen of the seven kingdoms Cersei Lannister try’s to convince the Lords that Daenerys and her unsullied army will destroy the way of life in Westeros and they should back her against the Mother of Dragons Who is there but Sam Tarly’s dad! Jaime asks him to back the Lannisters and he will make it worth his while, he will make him warden of the south, he’s not giving him his gold hand. Jorah Moremont is being examined by the arch maester and Sam, he’s told it's not looking good for him, and in a couple of days, he will be shipped out to live his days with the stonemen.

Back on Dragonstone Daenerys and members of the Tyrell’s, Martell’s and Greyjoy’s about how best to take the seven kingdoms, apparently this will be by using soldiers from Westeros and not the armies of Essos. We also find out Grey worm’s weakness is its Missandre, they share a nice steamy moment together before he leaves to take the Lannister seat of power, will this be the last time we see them together? Let's hope not as they make a lovely couple. Sam the busy guy that he is, finds a way to cure Jorah, but is warned that it is too dangerous… but does it anyway for Jorah’s dad was Lord Commander of the Nights Watch and Sam feels like he owes Jorah and shouldn’t let him die. Arya meets good old Hot pie in and lets her know about John Snow being king in the north and the Bolton’s being dead, but will she head north to Winterfell or south to kill Cersei?  Sam not only finding a cure for greyscale but finds the location of the dragonglass…. Unsurprisingly on Dragonstone (it's in the name). John Snow finally persuades the Lords and Ladies of the north that he must be the one to meet Daenerys (waiting a while for this meeting!) he leaves the north to Sansa, much to Littlefingers pleasure. To finish this episode we see a family reunion of sorts as Euron catches up with his niece Yara and nephew Theon, after a brutal battle captures Yara and the Dornish paramour Ellaria who rules Dorn and one of her daughters `(the other two sandsankes are dead), while Theon has a reek moment and jumps overboard saving himself. Where does this leave Daenerys in her plans to rule Westeros and will this victory please Queen Cersei?