SPOILERS! Game Of Thrones Episode 1 S7 Dragonstone

Episode 1 Dragonstone 

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! This is the final warning for spoilers. I would hate to ruin the new Game Of Thrones series for anyone, spoiling a hotly anticipated TV show is akin to, eating really noisy foods in the cinema or checking your phone during a movie it just shouldn't be done. But writing/reading more about what happened in the new GoT season 7 episode one needs to be done. Now I thought the end of last season everything appears to be wrapping up, maybe almost winding down, maybe some of the buzz around this show has gone, it's peaked. But once the opening scene hits, I was like no, still got it! Surprisingly it is Walder Frey (I know dead right), so it kind of hits that it's Arya Stark's revenge as she proposes a toast to the death of the Starks, and poisons everyone in the room with some fancy wine, getting revenge for her family. Which begs the question who is safe from Arya? Next up we see the army of the dead like some kind of aurora borealis of death come towards you on the screen and they have F#*ki#$ giants! Also, winter is here. 

We see Jon and Sansa clash about ruling the north, will they still be a happy family with Littlefinger around? Or more importantly, will Tormund and Brienne get it together this season? Let's hope so. 

We then head to Kings Landing with Cersei and Jaime who looks like haven't been talking much, and they have lost everything. Basically, they justified everything because of their kids but with them gone will they turn on each other or stay together? Also, they need allies, enter Euron Greyjoy (built those ships fast), who makes Cersei an offer of a gift, as a way of becoming her husband, but who or what will that gift be? Someone hide Tyrion! 

The Hound is back with a conscious and has a heart to heart with Beric.Dondarion in a cottage and talk about life, which I could have listened to all night, it is also where he left a father and daughter to die after robbing them. He gets a fire vision of the future but what is his purpose? Next up Sam who is learning to be a maester, but we just see a montage of shitting, eating and putting books away, not fun times for Sam, but he is the only one who can figure out how to save the kingdoms, and find the dragon glass to defeat the night kings army of the dead. While the maesters all doubt Sam regarding his white walker tales, it seems by the end of the series they will believe him. There's also a hint of Jorah Mormont with his greyscale in the episode too as if they couldn't squeeze enough in there.  It all gets a bit spoiled by Ed Sheeran appearing and singing a little ditty in the woods, I mean fair play Ed we'd all love a cameo, but Mastodon was in it and they didn't get to sing once.  We end with nothing and by nothing, I mean something huge with Daenerys Targaryen finally coming home to Dragonstone, it takes exactly five minutes twenty from the scene of her arriving by ship, landing on the beach, next to the scarred cliffs and ascending to the castle and the throne room. It a fantastic mesmeric scene with the music and the visuals of  the dragons, the history and all the supporting characters around her, you really feel there has been a build to this as she rips down the Baratheon Banners, in her former family home, nothing is said, till the every last moment "shall we begin". Can't wait for next weeks episode.