Some people were expecting it, others weren’t and some really didn’t care but at last we can stop crying over Jyn Erso and the rest of the “Rogue One” characters (spoilers, sorry) and get down to some god damn “Last Jedi” hype. 

A teaser trailer, HURRAH! A 2 minute long teaser trailer, BRILLIANT! And to top it all off, Mark Hamill is now earning hi paycheques by doing something other than standing on a hilltop with constipation face…

So what did we get? We got Rey & Luke doing some force training, we got hints that Rey might not end up being a Jedi eventually, we got new ships and some returning old ships and some awesome sound editing amongst other things.

So, where to begin? Logically let’s start with the opening. We are immediately reintroduced to Rey and it seems safe to assume that this is picking up in the immediate aftermath of “The Force Awakens”. To be honest when we first see Rey she is looking a little worse for wear during what we can assume is her Jedi training with Luke. Her reaction to whatever the hell is happening to her is reminiscent of her reaction to the force vision when she touches the lightsaber in TFA. The assumption of Jedi training is almost immediately confirmed when we hear Luke utter his first words of this new trilogy, we hear him tell Rey to breathe and reach out. These words are played over some simply beautiful shots of what appears to be the same plant from TFA (which is apparently called Ach-To). We hear Rey say that she can see both light and darkness, while we see shots of Princess/General Leia and what looks to be the mask of Kylo Ren in a very sorry state (temper, temper Kylo). During these shots, although very subtly we can hear sound bites from way back in the Star Wars mythos. Firstly we hear Leia say “help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” and then Obi Wan himself saying “seduced by the dark side”. These little details not only serve to excite every fan boy/girl in all the lands but also to firmly place this new edition of the saga into cannon, not that it would have needed any help. 

After those shots, things start to ramp up a bit. Rey says she sees the balance and we get a shot of what looks to be a bookshelf built into a tree (possible force tree for any legends fans out there) and then a gloved hand caressing what is assumed to be a book bearing the original Jedi symbol, this will no doubt send the previously mentioned fan boys/girls into a bit of a frenzy as it could be a reference to the “Journal of the Whills” which harks back to George Lucas’s original concepts for the Star Wars saga and is believed to be the book from where the original Jedi learned about the force. 

We then hear Luke tell Rey that it’s “so much bigger” (giggity) over a pretty spectacular shot of Rey practising with her lightsaber while Luke watches over her. Could Luke’s dialogue be hinting that there is more to the force than the binary light and dark that we have grown used to over the past 40ish years? Could “The Last Jedi” be bringing a Jolee Bindo (from Knights of the Old Republic) vibe to the main cannon? We’ll just have to wait until bloody December to find out.

New ships! Okay maybe not, new speeders is probably more accurate. We see come pretty cobbled together looking speeders (they have been referred to as Skimmers by Rian Johnson) racing across the surface of a new planet towards a imposing looking group of Imperial/First Order/baddie walkers on the horizon, with a very similar look and feel to the battle of Hoth from “Empire Strikes Back”. The planet we see is almost certainly new as it looks like a giant salt bed that when the speeders touch the surface it kicks up a mass of blood red dust, to be honest the whole look of that scene is pretty awesome. 

Now the pace begins to build and we get quick shots of Finn in some sort of stasis module, Poe and merchandise gimmick (BB-8) running through what looks like a resistance ship, then Poe’s black x-wing being destroyed (in a probable First Order attack on the Resistance base of operations) and finally an obligatory shot of the Millennium Falcon fighting off Tie Fighters. Although there isn’t much to read into in these shots, the more attentive of might have caught a glimpse of an a-wing during the shot of Poe’s exploding x-wing...see told you there was old ships. 

Now we get a look at both Rey and Kylo wielding their lightsabers, although it seems that the fact these shots are cut together may be misleading as one clearly takes place during day and the other at night which probably means they are from different points in the film. That being said I do think we will get the Rey/Kylo rematch in this film. Next we see a few shots of what looks to be a expansion of what we know about the destruction of Luke’s ill fated Jedi academy. From what we learned in TFA, the Knights of Ren are responsible for the destruction but these shots imply that Brienne of Tarth...I mean Captain Phasma was also present (so First Order involved too?). Take this with a pinch of salt though as it could just be misleading editing again. Before the climax, we get a teenie tiny look at a potential soave fight, which was something that was missing from TFA but thankfully reinstated for this film (and yes, what looks like a boat load more a-wings). 

Now for the finale, Luke standing in the mouth of a cave. Well no, that’s not really the exciting bit, its more what he says. “I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.” 

Wow! Well that felt like a swift kick to the balls, obviously context will be important for that particular line as it could have a variety of different consequences. Could Luke be drifting to the dark side like his father and nephew? Nah, probably not. More than likely is that he feels that the Jedi teachings are far too extreme in one direction and that perhaps there is a middle ground between light and dark (think Jolee Bindo or even Qui Gon Jinn). But once again it’s all just wait till December you impatient buggers. 

So there you have it, a saliva inducing look at “The Last Jedi” the second instalment of this new trilogy (or the Empire if you prefer). From what can be seen there looks to be a lot more new stuff but still plenty of nods to the past to keep the fan boys/girls happy.